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"I saw a lot of dodgy phone video recordings last year

and thought to myself, I can help people make these videos much better"

                                                                       Justin Weily - Founder 

Welcome to Recording for Business. A course designed for busy executives that want a simple  training package covering the vital techniques needed to present video segments on camera.

Learn to present with confidence, with charisma and with clarity.


If you (or your company) is putting out internal comms videos, YouTube videos, webinars, or any type of video product, you’ll want whoever appears on camera to come across as personable, with knowledgeable and genuine.

My media training modules delivers the skills you need to serve as the impressive spokesperson for your company, department or team. There are 2 parts to this training. The first is 'confidence on camera' and that involves fine tuning your on camera presenting skills. The second module is more technical and is aimed at the staff who are 'doing the filming' and using either DSLR or mobile phones to record business video presentations.

Don't record average videos, be the one that stands out, the one that looks good on camera, the one that sounds good on camera, you will learn tips and techniques garnered from my career spanning more than 25 years working with television presenters and executives from all over the world.

My goal is to help you look good and sound good on camera. I have a small client base and offer  coaching to C-Suite Executives, business owners and anyone that needs to record video for business. Take high quality videos from now on and take your on camera presentations to the next level. 

Media Training for Executives 

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I'm a former news cameraman & journalist with more than 25 years experience in television production. I've worked with anchors and journalists from all over the world and know how to get the best out of people that are appearing on video. 


For the past 11 years I have been based in Hong Kong working mainly with executives from the financial services industry. If you sign up for my media training you will get access to more than 20 video modules (circa 1.5 hours of video content) and 50 hours of support for your upcoming video productions. This can include both pre-production and post production.


  • Pre-production includes advice about camera settings, location preferences, lighting, choice of microphone, scripting and my tried and tested technique for remembering short video presentations the IBPO method. 

  • Post filming I can assist in remote editing of your video content and critique of videos to improve your delivery and appearance over a period of time.


I want to ensure that people who appear on camera, look good (and sound good) on camera. I have a small client base and am dedicated to improving both their on camera presentation and their technical (filming) skills. 

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Some of my training videos can be found on YouTube. For tailored, discreet and more substantial media training (both in-person and online)  

I can be contacted at +973 3625 5434 or at

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